Chunky in Heat

Experiments in Opera

  • Raw, funny, surreal, and disarmingly human, Chunky in Heat is an experiment gone delightfully right.

    Opera News
  • Alison Moritz’s production captured the duality of Chunky in Heat perfectly by balancing caricature and cartoon with honesty and heart.

    Opera News
  • …the 70-minute opera feels remarkably unified… the result is perhaps the strongest modern opera I’ve heard since David T. Little’s Dog Days.

    New York Observer
  • Everything about this production is so uniformly superb it’s hard to single out an individual for praise…

    New York Observer
  • …at times the piece felt more like reality television than an opera. I wanted to turn my eyes away so the character could have a little privacy while she processed her pain.

    New York Observer
  • Alison praised for her “edgy, teeth-grinding style!”

    New York Observer
  • Unfolding in happy, David Hockney-esque California colors, the 90-minute opera seems to be yet another look at the pressure women endure to live up to the media images presented to them.

    Arts Journal
  • The creators of this amazing little opera – so zany, so crazy, so touching – couldn’t have hoped for better.

    Seen and Heard
  • Chunky in Heat bristles with hallucinatory energy.

    San Francisco Classical Voice
  • Chunky moves with the logic of a dream, and like a dream, it speaks of things too deep-seated for pure rationality to touch...

    San Francisco Classical Voice

Production Details

Production Highlights

  • New Production - World Premiere
  • Experiments in Opera, 2019

Creative Team

Stage Director:
Alison Moritz
David Bloom
Scenic Designer:
Kate Noll
Lighting Designer:
Sol Weisbard
Costume Designer:
Elivia Bovenzi
Ruben Radding

A Message From Alison

Chunky in Heat, the latest project from Experiments in Opera, combines the unique creative forces of writer AM Homes with six different composers to create a portrait of America that is full of absurdity and tragedy. For fans of David Lynch, mixtapes, Welcome to the Dollhouse, John Waters, goldfish, and neon. :)


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Production Photos

  • A scene from a live stage production of Chunky in Heat, directed by Alison Moritz.
  • A scene from a live stage production of Chunky in Heat, directed by Alison Moritz.
  • A scene from a live stage production of Chunky in Heat, directed by Alison Moritz.