“…experimental, anti-establishment, provocative and surreal.” (Broome Arts)



New Production

Tri-Cities Opera, 2017

Director: Alison Moritz

Conductor: Braden Toan

Costume Design: Matthew Pedersen

Lighting Design: Nic Minetor

Scenic and Properties Design: AmArA*jk

Photo Credit: Bunnhill Photo

“The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction" (Allen Ginsberg)

This intimate and immersive re-imagining of Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass' 1990 "song opera" is set in an alley stage recreation of Allen Ginsberg's own East Village apartment circa 1996.

An aging Ginsberg becomes the central figure, surrounded by family and friends, who join him to reflect upon and celebrate his life as he prepares to penetrate the thin veil between life and transcendence.

“The staging by Moritz makes great use of the intimate setting of the Tri-Cities Opera Center. The action takes place in Ginsberg’s cluttered New York City apartment, and Moritz’s direction places audience members in the apartment themselves, increasing the intensity of the action.”

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